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Seller Marketplace Policies

We are building a different kind of marketplace. One where buyers and sellers can expect a safe, trustworthy space with respect for all members.

In order to help achieve this, we have a few policies you must agree to if you want to become a seller on our marketplace.

We’ll require multiple ID verification, asking you to provide one or more of the following:

  • State issued ID or driver’s license with registered address
  • Social media account links
  • Work website links or links to your music project
  • References or feedback from gear forums or other marketplaces
  • Verified photo such as holding a written piece of paper with a code-phrase next to one of your items of gear for sale.

Sensitive information will be uploaded via secure pathway and not stored permanently. It will only be used temporarily to verify your identity. We want to be sure you are who you say you are.

For your first 10 sales through the marketplace, we will require tracking number to be show delivered and buyer to confirm receiving item as described before we distribute any funds to sellers. Buyers are allowed 3 days after receipt of the item to verify operating condition before funds can be released to sellers. After the first 10 successful sales, all future sales will simply require tracking number to show shipment in progress before distributing funds. Funds are released within 1 business day through a non-fee method of buyer's choice, including: Paypal family/friend (no fee option), Zelle, Venmo, CashApp or Bank ACH.

We require quality photos showing all sides of your equipment (minimum of 6 photos per item, top, bottom, front, rear, left side and right side). Sorry, but we don't allow photos of an item sitting in a rack showing just the front with your dim studio lighting. Buyers want to know exactly what they are buying and to make sure there are no surprises, scratches, dings or dents hiding on an unseen surface. Better quality photos will also help you sell your item faster and get you the best potential price. We will soon assemble a gear-photo guide with tips and suggestions on how to get the best quality photos within your environment.

Gear descriptions
We ask that you verify every item you sell will be accurately described and tested as best as possible. Ultimately it is your responsibility as a seller to ensure the item arrives in the same condition to the buyer as you described in your listing. Non-functional or partially-working items may be listed but must be clearly indicate condition so buyers are aware.

We will send you a link to your listing once it is uploaded online to the marketplace. Please review it for accuracy and update us immediately of any changes to description, price or if the item is no longer available for sale.

We also ask that you verify that you will pack your items safely and have read and followed our packing safety guide. We will be soon compiling and sharing a packing-safety-guide with tips and suggestions on how to pack items properly for shipment. We have shipped thousands of fragile items safely all around the world and know what it takes to deliver gear without shipping damage. It is never fun having an item arrive damaged due to poor packing, especially if it's an irreplaceable or rare-vintage item, so we want to be sure to pass this knowledge on to you so we can all be worry free that your item will arrive safe.

All postal companies may abuse your packages, including 6 foot drops from conveyor belts and being kicked out of the back of a postal truck from a tired  employee. Unfortunately this is the norm with shipping companies. A majority of damage occurs from improper and insufficient padding to withstand this type of abuse, and an improperly packed item will also disqualify the item from insurance claims should damage occur.

We require that you insure your shipments, and any label purchased through RGS will include insurance for the full value along with signature confirmation. We want to ensure your precious cargo survives the trip and arrives in one piece.

Ship your item within 3-5 business days after the item is sold.
We can provide discounted Fedex, UPS and USPS prepaid printable pdf ship labels. You just have to email us the packed up item weight and dimensions and we will be happy to provide a discounted prepaid label.

We don’t currently have marketplace capabilities such as seller profiles, direct messaging and feedback review profiles. We hope to develop a more robust platform with those features and many more once our marketplace starts to grow. In the meantime we’re offering a concierge service to get your items listed and sold. By implementing the steps outlined above, we hope to create a more reliable network of verified, vetted sellers who are trustworthy with their gear and want to enjoy the benefits of a worldwide audience with low fees. All these steps are to provide confidence to buyers so that they know they are buying from real people with the gear they say the have. This will help to build a long-term viable marketplace safe for all members.

We are open to feedback! If you have any thoughts or suggestions about our process or features, please feel free to reach out to