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Sellers Item Uploading Page

Welcome to the seller's homepage. Here you can upload your items to be listed live on the Retro Gear Marketplace.

As per the user agreement, each item must have

  • A minimum of 6 quality photos for each item showing all 6 sides (Top, Bottom, Front, Rear, Left, Right). We'll post a photography guide soon on how to take the best possible photos at home. For now you can see an example here.
  • Accurate description for cosmetic and functional condition
  • Guarantee that the item will arrive to buyer as described
  • Be ready to ship within 3-5 days after completion of sale. For larger items requiring more time for packing, please mention this in the description notes
  • Pack safely, see our packing tutorial here
  • Agree to contact us immediately of any changes, such as price change or if item is no longer available