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Dangerous Music Convert-8 8 Channel DA Converter Used
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Dangerous Music Convert-8 Used

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Dangerous Music Convert-8 8 Channel D/A Converter

Excellent shape, fully functional from original owner. Retails for $3500 new, save some here. Note: product might not include original box/manual.

Dangerous has been building award-winning, standard-setting converters since 2002 when the Dangerous Monitor’s onboard digital-to-analog converter swiftly became the industry reference. We’ve been asked over the years to build a stand alone DAC, and they’re finally here in the CONVERT series. Eager to embrace the opportunity to develop a new and better DAC, we designed the CONVERT-8 from the ground up, utilizing cutting-edge digital technology coupled to a Chris Muth designed analog circuit that delivers our signature sound: open, articulate and powerful from top to bottom. As a dedicated digital-to-analog converter, The CONVERT-8 has been optimized for the job of delivering stunning sound when mixing, mastering and monitoring while tracking. The CONVERT-8 goes beyond transparency: you won’t just hear everything, you’ll hear it beautifully.

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Automatic Sample Rate Detection
Simply select “Auto” on the front panel and the CONVERT-8 will match its sample rate to the input signal. If you’ve ever started working at the wrong sample rate (we’ve all done it!), you’ll know why this feature can be so important. If you’re swapping among different DAW sessions at different sample rates, the CONVERT will follow your every move.

Instant Input Calibration
With industry-standard reference levels of -14, -16 and -18dBFS, you can recalibrate the CONVERT-8 with the push of a button. While many professional converters are only aligned at the factory, the CONVERT-8 lets you move flexibly between different reference levels on the fly. Anyone who’s ever fumbled around behind a rack with a “tweeker tool” while a second person watches an external meter knows the special value of our front-panel calibration buttons, especially when there are eight channels or more!

On The Fly Input Switching
Unique to the CONVERT series, you can now swap between multiple digital inputs on the fly from the front panel buttons. No more digging into elaborate menus and system settings just to listen to iTunes, no more rerouting software drivers just to hear a different output. And because the CONVERT can automatically lock to the incoming signal’s sample rate, you don’t need to even think about sample rates as you switch between inputs. Four digital inputs include USB, AES/SPDIF, ADAT and Optical SPDIF (TOSLINK).

Essential 8-Channel Metering
Aside from giving you instant visual confirmation of audio signal present across all eight channels, our “3-word-over” indicator tells you when three consecutive samples have clipped, meaning you’re a breath away from violating industry standards for CD reproduction and are about to generate clipping distortion that would be audible in any digital file.

Monitor ST Remote Connectivity
Simply hook up our award-winning MONITOR-ST/SR Remote to the rear panel ports and you’ve got best-in-class desktop remote control over the CONVERT’s front panel input selectors.  Add the CONVERT-8 to your existing Monitor ST/SR rig for seamless integration of today’s best DAC to your surround monitoring system.

If you’re ready to add the world’s most articulate, open and natural sounding conversion to your studio, The CONVERT-8 will deliver the beautiful truth of all your digital signals into the analog realm without ever tiring you out. Contact a dealer to hear the difference and we’re certain you’ll become a CONVERT.
Signal to Noise Ratio A-weighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 114dB
Signal to Noise Ratio unweighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 113dB

Dynamic Range A-weighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 114dB
Dynamic Range unweighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 113dB

THD+N, 1kHz, unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz, +4dBu out: < 94.5dB (0.00188%)
THD+N, 1kHz, unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz, +22dBu out: < 106.5dB (0.00048%)

Frequency Response @ 96KHz sample rate:
DC to 20KHz: +0, -0.25dB
DC to 30KHz: +0, -0.5dB
DC to 40KHz: +0, -1.0dB

16ps (100Hz to 40KHz), 18ps (100Hz to 1MHz)

Crosstalk rejection:
> 114dBu @ 1kHz

Replacement Fuses:
USA 2 amp slo-blow for 120V
Europe 1 amp slo-blow for 240V

Dangerous Music Convert-8 Manual
Dangerous Music Convert-8 Rear
Dangerous Music Convert-8 Top Left
Dangerous Music Convert-8 Bottom Right
Dangerous Music Convert-8 Box
Dangerous Music Convert-8 Open Box