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Retro Gear Shop is an authorized dealer for Aurora Audio, manufactured in North Hollywood, California USA.

Aurora Audio is the brain child of Geoff Tanner and Alan Dickson. Geoff is a British former Neve Special Projects Engineer and Alan a Hollywood studio owner. This American company grew originally from Phoenix Audio in the late 1990s and the name change occurred when the third founding member, David Langford, decided to retire. Today, Aurora manufacture a range of preamps, equalizers, compressors, routers and summing buses, all of which are based on Neve-esque discrete transistor, class-A circuitry. However, out of respect for former co-workers at Neve, none of the Aurora products are direct copies or clones.

Tanner established Aurora Audio in the United States to continue to manufacture new products of similar quality to the Neve range that he knows and loves so well.