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Retro Gear Shop is proud to be Nashville Tennessee's exclusive dealer for Benson Amps! Handmade in Portland, Oregon USA, Benson Amps come with a 2 year warranty excluding tubes, damage from tube failure and abuse/modification. Benson Amps is our top pick for boutique handmade amps and the only line amp line we currently carry. Amazing sound and build quality. There are lots of different configurations and finishes. If you are interested in custom ordering, contact us!

Hand Crafted - All Original - Vintage Voiced Designs - Bulletproof Construction - Premium Components

"Mass produced amplifiers can get you part of the way, but a hand built heirloom quality amplifier will give you a signature tone that’s all your own. We use the highest quality and best sounding components to implement our meticulously designed circuits that offer unmatched clarity and harmonics when clean, and the smoothest transition into pushed amp sounds you are likely to hear. Our goal is to deliver the last amplifier you will ever want to buy.

Benson Amps grew primarily out of Christopher Benson’s obsession with sound. The products are deceptively simple...but every nudge of the controls of the simple tone controls of the Monarch or the Chimera does something musical...a feat most three band EQs aspire to.  The Tall Bird tube reverb unit has the ability to be used completely wet, or conversely, to drive the front end of an amp with a large boost driven by a tube output buffer.  Every detail has been scrutinized and obsessed over.

Benson Amps are UNIQUE DESIGNS, not mere clones or near-clones of vintage amps from the 50s and 60s. Armed with ears, knowledge, and taste only an experienced musician and builder can possess, Chris continues to make design choices that produce unmatched sound quality and tone."