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Retro Gear Shop is an authorized dealer for DW Fearn, based in Bucks County, PA, USA.

In 1993, D.W. Fearn entered the professional audio market with the VT-1 microphone preamplifier which immediately set entirely new expectations of how a microphone preamp should perform. Since then, it has remained virtually unchallenged. This amplifier design, developed by now-legendary designer Doug Fearn, was then implemented across a full line of high-performance products, including compressors, equalizers, and DIs. For the recording and voiceover artists, engineers, and producers who use these products, they have become an essential part of their craft, artistry, and workflow. D.W. Fearn products can be found in the most prestigious studios around the world.

D.W. Fearn products are designed and manufactured in the United States. All of our assemblies are done by hand by Hazelrigg Industries in Bucks County, PA.