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OTO Machines BAM Stereo Reverb Processor Generator
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OTO Machines BAM Rear

OTO Machines BAM

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OTO Machines BAM
BAM is a stereo reverb processor inspired by the late 70s / early 80s digital reverberator units.These units are sought after by sound engineers, producers and musicians for their grainy, warm and musical reverberations.

The technology used in BAM is very close to the one used in these early digital reverberator units: 16 bit converters, 20 bit fixed-point processing, analog filtering and even an input transformer transient simulator. Some of the 7 reverb algorithms are influenced by the early structures, and some are brand new.

BAM is a very musical and unique reverb processor. It combines the sound quality of a vintage reverb processor with the playability of a desktop effect in a compact format with MIDI control and 36 user presets.

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