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Majella Audio Implexus Analog Desktop Synthesizer
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Majella Audio Implexus Rear

Majella Implexus

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Majella Audio Implexus

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The Implexus is a hardware desktop synthesizer combining west – and east-coast synthesis techniques into a single formfactor. The Implexus uses analog waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to create a immense range of sounds and textures.

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The Implexus is a performance-oriented musical instrument which will inspire you to compose music and explore its unique soundscape. The Implexus has a carefully designed analogue signal path with many unique ways to create intriguing sounds. The many sound shaping methods and modulation possibilities help you to create west-coast style harmonically rich sounds as well as thick east-coast analog sounds.

The Implexus has a powerful “one-knob-per-function” interface with graphical feedback, utilizing LED rings to indicate modulators. The drone mode, tap tempo and looping envelopes let you explore the Implexus as a standalone sound generator. The MIDI and Eurorack compatibility and clock synchronisation options make sure it can be played in every setting. The IMPLEXUS is built to last. It has metal shaft potentiometers, an aluminium casing with scratch and solvent resistant graphics and an internal power supply (no adapter!). The Implexus is a characteristic, unique and complete musical instrument.

The characteristic sound of the Implexus comes from shaping and folding a sinewave, resulting in a complex waveform. The shaping and folding can be modulated at audio-rate in a single knob turn utilizing the second generator. Instead of subtracting you will be adding harmonics. After tweaking for a while you will be surprised to find out you didn’t touch the filter… yet.

Unique filter design
The Implexus offers a 12dB/oct VCF with a unique analog topology. This filter offers a lowpass and highpass mode. For cutoff modulation there is an envelope amount control with polarizer and a CV input on the back of the Implexus. There is an input mixer that has amplitude control over three inputs: complex generator, basic generator and the sub-oscillator.

Syncable delay
The Implexus has a stereo digital delay with dry/wet, delay-time and feedback control. There is a subtle modulation difference between the left and right channels to create a wide stereo image. The delay can be synchronized to MIDI and external (modular) clock sources. Also the delay can be synchronized to Tap Tempo. For clock synchronization there are five divisions: 1/1 3/4 1/2 1/3 1/4.

Global pitch controls
The Implexus has a global pitch control section offering control over glide rate and pitch envelope amount. There is a dedicated vibrato LFO with manual control over amount and frequency.

Syncable LFO’s
The Implexus has two LFO’s with a variety of waveforms and multiple modulation destinations. The LFO’s offer a wide range of 0.01 – 100Hz and can be BPM synced to MIDI and external clock. The LFO’s can also be synchronized to Tap Tempo and can even be set in five different divisions.

The Implexus offers a 1/4″ stereo balanced output. In addition to that there is a stereo headphone output with dedicated volume control.
There is standard MIDI input and thru over DIN and USB. Also there is a eurorack compatible patchbay on the back. This extends the sound and modulation possibilities of the IMPLEXUS even more!

Built in VCO tuner
There is a strobe tuner with 3 LED’s on board, which lets you tune both the Complex and the Basic generator to a perfect “A” within just a couple of seconds.
Analog Complex Generator consisting of a waveshaper cascaded by a wavefolder to create Complex Waveforms
Analog Basic Generator
Sub-Oscillator one octave below Complex Generator
Dedicated octave switches with 6 octave settings
Pitch modulation sources: Envelope, Vibrato, Glide, Pitchbend, External 1V/oct (CV) Cross modulation: Linear FM, Folding, Folder DC Bias

Analog VCF
12dB/oct Slope
Switchable Low-pass / High-pass
Mod Envelope to Cutoff with attenuverter
External CV for Cutoff
3x audio input from the Generators

2x LFO section
Accurate digital waveform generation
5 waveform shapes: Random, Square, Sine, Ramp, Saw
Syncable from all clocking sources or "Free" running
Frequency range: 0.01 Hz-100 Hz
Clock divider options: 1/4 3/16 1/8
Destinations options LFO 1: Bias, Folder, Harmonics,
Destinations options LFO 2: Bias, Folder

2x Analog Envelope Generators
1X Modulation EG and 1x Amplitude EG
Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release controls
Velocity amount per Envelope
MOD EG is Loopable as AD-LFO triggered by gate
MOD EG Destinations: Filter Cutoff, Harmonics, Folding, Global pitch
AMP EG has 'DRONE" mode for instant sound generation

Delay FX
Digital Audio Delay with Analog Dry/Wet mixing
Maximum delay time: 1 second
Syncable delay time from all clocking sources
Clock divider options: 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 1/3, 1/16

Performance Features
"One Knob Per Function" philosophy
LED ring indicators for visual feedback and easy understanding of CV signal routing Guitar Style Tuner for Basic and Complex Generator making it easy to tune the Implexus
Drone mode for instant sound without external gear necessary

2mm thick solid aluminium casing
Graphics are underneath the anodisation layer and thus scratch and solvent resistant Handcrafted wooden side panels made from regional oak
All metal shaft potentiometers
High quality switches and connectors (Neutrik®)
Internal power supply (AC Input 100-240 VAC) no adapters needed
Dimensions: W 345 mm x D 206 mm x H 75 mm
Weight : ca. 3kg
Serial number plate

External CV inputs: Pitch (1V/oct), Gate, Velocity, Folding, Harmonics, Bias, VCF cutoff External CV outputs: Complex generator, Basic Generator, Clock output
MIDI thru over DIN
1/4" TRS Balanced line outputs
1/4" Dedicated stereo heaphone amp

Clocking options
External Modular/Eurorack Clock (automatic detection)
MIDI clock via DIN or USB (automatic detection)
Tap Tempo

Global Controls
Master Volume
Headphone Volume
MIDI Channel selection
Majella Audio Implexus Rear
Majella Audio Implexus Top Left
Majella Audio Implexus Box