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Fairchild 670 Stereo Tube Compressor Limiter
Fairchild 670 Front
Fairchild 670 Rear
Fairchild 670 Front Open
Fairchild 670 Front Internals
Fairchild 670 Rear

Fairchild Recording Equipment 670 Stereo Tube Compressor Limiter Reissue

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Lynx Aurora(n) 8 USB

8 analog line in/out + USB card.
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- Onboard 32-channel micro SD recorder for direct recording and playback.
- Upgradable modules available now include a mic pre-amp module a digital connectivity module with optional ADAT IO and an 8 channel A/D & D/A module with more to come.
- Two audiophile-grade headphone outs with independent volume controls.
- 1-in 3-out word clock with Lynx’s second generation SynchroLock 2™ technology.
- Future-proof LSlot design with swappable USB, Thunderbolt, ProTools®|HD and DANTE cards.
- Full Windows and OSX compatibility
- Road-ready rack-mount reinforced chassis
- 24 Bit - 192 kHz mastering grade A/D and D/A conversion
- Designed and built in Southern California, USA

Signal coloration is additive and can kill an otherwise pristine mix. That’s why a colored mix begins to collapse while the transparent mix has space, definition and a level of detail that is simply unattainable with converters that add color and distortion. Lynx’s hallmark sonic transparency is why Lynx converters are being used in the most mission-critical audio applications and in the world’s finest recording facilities.
Lynx converters have been specified for their uncanny ability to convert signals without adding any artifacts or color. For audio engineers and producers demanding the most pristine recordings and mixes Lynx is the converter of choice at facilities like Dolby’s new mega complex of audio research, Skywalker Sound, NPR, and the Smithsonian Institute. Lynx converters pass the most stringent tests and shoot outs to become the sought after converters for these discerning professionals. Precision matters more than ever and there is no place for even the slightest coloration or degradation of the signal.

Discrete Converter Array
Some manufacturers use multiple converters on a single chip. While that is one way to fit many converter channels in a single rack space while lowering costs, it comes at a steep cost in performance. At Lynx, the analog signal path for each channel has been designed as a self-contained and shielded circuit. Each channel pair has its own dedicated conversion device. This has many sonic advantages by significantly reducing crosstalk and distortion while increasing dynamic range and performance.

Hilo Converter Technology (HCT)
Design and technology borrowed from the development of the Hilo is used to significantly improve specifications and transparency over previous models while attaining stunning Hilo-like performance.

Future-Proof Design:
Configurable I/O
• Add Channels – Start with eight, sixteen or twenty four channels and later add additional groups of eight channels for up to thirty two total.
• Add Modules – Digital I/O, Mic Pre Amp; More are being designed now for future release.
• Add Connection Method – Thunderbolt, DANTE, ProTools|HD or USB via LSlot Cards
• Add Functionality – Via firmware updates. Just as we have for Hilo and Aurora we will continue to improve the Aurora(n)’s functionality and build in new feature sets.

SynchroLock 2™
All new SynchroLock 2™ high-performance sample clock technology provides a whopping 300,000:1 reduction in jitter, 5 second lock time and absolute accuracy. Word clock I/O provides one input and three outputs on BNC connectors.
Line In (includes A/D Conversion)
• THD+N: ‐113dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20dBu trim

• Dynamic range: 119dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

• Frequency response: ±0.010dB, 20–20kHz

• Crosstalk: ‐130dB maximum @ 1kHz, ‐1dBFS signal

• Common mode rejection: greater than 80dB

• Full‐scale trim settings: +6dBV, 20dBu

Line Out (includes D/A Conversion)
• THD+N: ‐108dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20 dBu trim

• Dynamic range: 120dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

• Frequency response: ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz

• Crosstalk: ‐130dB maximum @ 1kHz, ‐1dBFS signal

• Full‐scale trim settings: +6dBV, 20dBu

Headphone Out (includes D/A Conversion)
• THD+N: ‐107dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, volume at max

• Dynamic range: 120dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

• Frequency response: ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz

• Crosstalk: ‐120dB maximum @ 1kHz, ‐1dBFS signal

• Output level: 18.4dBu maximum

Additional modules
• Digital I/O

• Microphone preamp

Analog Input Connections
• Aurora(n) 8 - 1 x DB25

Analog Output Connectors
• Aurora(n) 8 - 1 x DB25

• Depth - 10 inches

• Width - 19 inches

• Height - 1.7 inches

• Aurora(n) 8 - 7 pounds

Lynx Aurora n Manual
Fairchild 670 Rear
Fairchild 670 Front Open
Fairchild 670 Front Internals