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Retro Gear Shop is an authorized dealer for Retro Instruments, handmade in Modesto, California USA.

"Vintage design for modern recording.
Retro Instruments is changing the way the world sounds by creating classic style recording studio gear for modern recording. Retro Instruments products keep what made the originals the best of the best in recording gear, updating vintage design with modern features to improve functionality - creating unique and innovative recording studio gear that sounds, looks, and feels vintage and state-of-the-art in equal measure.

Headquartered in Northern CA, all Retro Instruments products are designed and manufactured in the United States, with unparalleled quality, service, and personal attention.

Retro Instruments History
Retro Instruments was founded by Phil Moore in 2006 to re-introduce classic-quality tube audio products to the professional recording industry. The initial product brought to market was a re-creation of the classic Gates Sta-Level, re-designed by Phil simply because it was his favorite piece of gear and he wanted to recreate it for the modern market. Over the years, Retro has evolved into a company with a diverse and extensive portfolio including re-imagined vintage products that are used by award-winning recording professionals around the world.

The Future
As Retro Instruments continues to change the game by making the old recording studio gear new again, look forward to upcoming exciting re-issues of classic recording studio gear to be introduced to the music industry based on collaboration between Phil Moore and the foremost producers, engineers and artists of our time."