API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip

API The Channel Strip

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API The Channel Strip used
Includes power cable. Personal unit lightly used in my smoke free home studio.
Mint condition, only very minor signs of wear and 100% functional.
Only thing to note is there is a little "R" written on the release knob to make it easier to know which is attack and release. You could probably clean it off if desired.

Awesome API pre / eq / compressor / line amp in a 1U rack, one of the best high-end deals you can get. Very versatile and easy to use.

Free shipping in the USA.
Discounted international shipping

The Channel Strip is a complete input module with mic pre, dynamics processing, precision EQ and output level control. With extensive signal metering, multiple balanced insert points and an output mute switch, The Channel Strip contains the best features of a large console input channel in a single rack space. It's the perfect choice for anyone looking for that high-performance API console sound.

The result of thoughtful engineering, The Channel Strip includes everything needed to record an audio signal. It all starts with the famed 512c Mic Preamplifier, which includes the benefit of additional Mic, Line or Instrument input switching. Next is the 527 multi-mode Compressor with fully adjustable Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio controls on detented pots. The patented THRUST® circuit in the 527 gives your track the "in-your-face" punch that has made this circuit an award winner. Also included in The Channel Strip is probably the most recognized and revered API EQ of all time, the 550A three-band Equalizer with its switchable frequencies and 12dB of boost or cut. The 550A's High and Low frequency bands can be individually switched to be shelving EQs, and the "B.P. Filter" switch inserts a 50Hz to 15KHz bandpass filter.

At the output of the unit is the 325 Line Driver, taken directly from API console designs with an output level pot and 10 segment meter. The meter can also be switched to show the output level of the preamp. Each of The Channel Strip's processing pieces can be switched in or bypassed individually, while a flip switch internally routes the compressor after the EQ if desired. Additional features include a sidechain input and the famous API 2520/transformer combination.

- API 512c Mic Preamplifier
- API 550A Equalizer
- API 527 Compressor
- API 325 Line Driver
- Complete patching facilities on rear panel
- Two ten segment LED VU displays
- Output clips at +30dBm
- Power Consumption, Quiescent: 28.2 Watts
- Size: 19" X 1.75" (1U) X 11.5" Deep
- Size (Boxed for Shipping): 23.25" X 6.5" X 16"
- Actual Weight: 10.81 lbs.
- Shipping Weight: 14.88 lbs.

API The Channel Strip Manual
API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip
API The Channel Strip