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Retro Gear Shop is an authorized dealer for Soyuz Microphones. All units are hand built in Tula, Russia.  All registered products come with a 1 year warranty.

Founded in 2013 by American musician, David Arthur Brown and Russian businessman, Pavel Bazdyrev, Soyuz has a unique and remarkable story.

Most new, high-end microphones are direct copies of a few classic German or Austrian designs. Usually, they’re manufactured using modern CNC technology and thus rarely sound like the originals.  At Soyuz we use our own, original microphones designs drawn from the best that both the Russian and German microphone traditions have to offer.  We manufacture them by hand in our own facility using only manual equipment and master machinists. In this way we create microphones that are unique, with their own personalities but which have that “classic” sound that engineers and artists so value. At Soyuz we strive to create “modern classics”.