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Retro Gear Shop is the exclusive USA authorized dealer for Zähl, handmade in Germany. We carry their 500 series modules and also offer AM1 console for special order. Contact us if interested in ordering an AM1 console.

Company History - From Can and Conny Plank to todays main focus: the AM1 mixing console

Zähl represents high quality audio products tailor-made for professionals. Michael Zähl has over 35 years of experience designing & manufacturing analogue audio equipment from his base in Bergisch Gladbach Germany. Michael was the engineer and designer of the main custom mixing console at the legendary Conny Plank Studio; which was an important creative hub during the 1970 and 80’s.

Michael also designed and built the mixing console for Can Studio which can still be seen at Rock’n Pop Museum in Gronau, Germany. Over the years Zähl manufactured a lot of single-unit custom or small-series equipment for a very demanding clientele. Besides high end audio products Zähl has been offering a range of analogue broadcast products for the last 25 years. Since 2012 the main focus is on the AM1 mixing console and related pro audio equipment.

Philosophy - Long lasting value for creative workflows

Our circuit designs are consistently analog, yet there is no vintage approach. Actually there is a great demand for analog equipment BECAUSE most studios are computer/software dominated. Both complement each other. However, functional and operational design of analog gear must be adapted to the up-to-date requirements. We therefore gratefully appreciate that people who work at the core of music production are deeply involved in all aspects of our functional and operational designs. All products are completely designed and manufactured in Germany with highest attention to detail and quality.

We use long established components along with current parts as long as high quality and long term availability are guaranteed. We use modern production technology along with handcraft: all final mounting and testing is carefully done in-house. Real world is an inevitable part of the design process: All circuitry has to undergo in-depth listening sessions with high class audio engineers. Thus making sure to reach the optimum concerning technical as well as musical aspects. As a result our products provide long lasting value and they support and inspire creative workflows.