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AEA N13 Active Nearfield Ribbon Microphone
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AEA N13 Active Nearfield Ribbon Microphone

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AEA N13 Active Nearfield Ribbon Microphone
The newest addition to the Nuvo Series, the N13 fills out the range as a ribbon mic people can use in less than optimal acoustical environments and in small to medium rooms.
The N13 uses a smaller and lighter ribbon for enhanced transient response which tends to be well suited for drums, violin, and piano. As a midfield mic being used at 1-3 feet from the source, the N13 naturally rolls off some low frequencies to help add more clarity to your sound. The N13 features a new motor design as well as a thinner, smaller ribbon (1.2 microns, rather than our standard 1.8), making it our first non-Big Ribbon bidirectional mic!

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-AEA’s first bidirectional mic to feature a small ribbon (shorter, narrower, and thinner, at 1.2 microns)
-Designed for optimal use at mid-field distances (~8”-36”)
-Highly-tuned for excellent transient response; captures sparking highs while smoothing lows
-Low profile and slate gray finish for discreet placement
-Shines on horns, strings, acoustic guitar, and drum overheads
-100% handcrafted in Pasadena, CA

AEA N13 Top Left