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Ampex 351 Tube Preamp EQ Vintage Rare Serviced 30387
Ampex 351 Front 30387
Ampex 351 Rear 30387
Ampex 351 Internal 30387
Ampex 351 Rear 30387

Ampex 351 Serviced #30387

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Ampex 351 Serviced #30387
For sale is a rare vintage Ampex 351. It's in good shape and fully functional. It just got back from a meticulous full refurb / servicing that included washing all the boards, repopulating all boards, new caps, new tubes, etc to make sure this unit operates perfectly. Big costs in repairs on these. We have three left available, contact us if interested in purchasing more than one.

Some additional information:
- All electrolytics have been changed and replaced with high quality panasonic NHG caps
- All passives have been changed with long life panasonics
- Any noisy resistors have been replaced.  All plate resistors in the preamp's audio path have been replaced.
- All meters illuminate.
- Power has been updated to a three conductor socket
- Selenium rectifier has been replaced with 5402 diodes and dropping resistors
- Units measure beyond factory noise specifications. Better performance and quieter than factory specs!

Additional details on the four units are as follows:
1 unit has original output transformer and Dukane input transformer
The other 3 units have Dukane input transformer and Cinemag output transformer. Sounds excellent.
Dukane Transformers model 3A55

2 units have functional meters. The other 2 have meters but they are not functional and for display purpose.

**Note** this exact listing is for one with a non-functional meter. The meter bulbs light up but the meter needle does not move or respond to signal.

Ampex 351 Rear 30387
Ampex 351 Internal 30387