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API Audio 527 500 Series Analog Compressor Limiter
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API Audio 527 Front
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API Audio 527

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Dwarfcraft Devices Minivan Echo

The Minivan is a dark echo, built off a digital chip so old it sounds analog. Yes pedal people, I’m talking about the pt2399. We have a couple tricks up our sleeves, though. Most echo pedals built of the 2399 give you a pretty short range of delays, using the “best” range of the circuit. But we’re Dwarfcraft. Sure, you can have those traditional sounds, but then you also have another half-turn or so to go into super slow and mangled territory. And what’s a delay pedal that doesn’t run away into self oscillation? A delay pedal you don’t need. Crank that feedback up and ride the waves, my friend.

The mix knob is a pretty standard affair, from 100% dry at 7 o’clock, and for echoes just a touch louder than the dry, twist it all the way up to 5 o’clock. We also added an insert FX loop so you can make your own fun.

Plug in an expression pedal to control the feedback amount, but it is a lot more fun to use a stereo 1/4” to dual mono 1/4” cable to insert effects into the delay line of the Minivan. For example, putting a pitch shifter in the loop will shift each repeated signal up as it passes through.

This is a great way to create otherworldly sounds, and also a great way to kill an afternoon testing EVERYTHING in the loop. Currently my favorites are pitch shifters and tremolo.

Power Requirements= 40mA
Enclosure size = 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"
Dwarfcraft Devices Minivan Echo Manual

API Audio 527 Right Rear
API Audio 527 Front