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Dangerous Music BAX EQ Equalizer
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Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Near mint condition, fully functional. Comes from original owner, private mastering studio. Includes original box and manual.

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The World’s Most Popular EQ
If you’ve ever adjusted the bass and treble on a hi-end stereo system, a boom box or even a car stereo, then you’ve used a Baxandall EQ. Originally designed by the now legendary electronics designer Peter Baxandall, these are the world’s most popular EQ curves for a good reason: they are able to improve the sound of anything you throw at them. The Dangerous BAX EQ is the first professional, stand-alone EQ to use the famous Baxandall curves, and our version – designed by our own legendary designer Chris Muth – has become an instant classic among mixing, mastering and tracking engineers. It’s so loved, in fact, that most are leaving it patched into their audio path full time where it sweetens and deepens all kinds of music…day in, day out, all year long.

Big Moves and Broad Strokes
At the heart of this stereo unit are gently sweeping treble and bass EQ shelves (the Baxandall Curves) that give you subtle yet profound control over wide sections of the frequency spectrum. The opposite of a surgical tool, the BAX EQ is all about sweetening sounds with broad, musical adjustments. Starting far below and above the human hearing limit, the broad and gentle EQ curves gently tug at the audible frequencies in ways that other EQs cannot. This unique design provides a distinctively sweet and open treble along with a powerful and three-dimensional low-end you simply can’t get out of other EQs.

The Paradox of Transparency
The bass and treble shelves found on most professional EQs introduce phase delay and other audible artifacts, sometimes called “color.” The BAX EQ’s shelves maintain phase coherence, and — because it is built from the same ultra-high-grade components we use in all our equipment — the BAX EQ does not change the characteristics of the original sound. This is the ineffable paradox of real analog transparency: you have the ability to make powerful changes without substantially altering the original sonic characteristics. Rather than adding more color, you’ll hear the original colors more beautifully, more openly and more powerfully, no matter how far you push it.

Sophisticated Filtering
Beyond the easy-to-use shelf controls, the BAX EQ is equipped with sophisticated filtering options that vastly expand its versatility. The cut filters on either end of the spectrum dial out unneeded frequencies that will be boosted at the far end of the shelves. On the low end, you can cut below 12 Hz, where headroom-eating, infrasonic rumble and DC-offset live. On the high end, you can dial out ultra-sonics like 70 kHz that can carry out-of-band noise that translates as harshness in many A/D converters. And when you start playing the cut filters against the shelves, a whole world of unique tone-shaping opens up within the audible frequency band – sounds you wont get anywhere else.

Effortless Results for Tracking, Mixing & Mastering
In a category all its own, the BAX EQ will compliment any studio configuration. Outstanding in a mastering rig, on a whole mix or in any tracking chain, the BAX EQ lets you effortlessly sweeten and deepen any music — like the best bass-treble controls you’ve ever used.

The Dangerous Philosophy Embodied
As with all of our products, the Bax EQ incorporates a sophisticated circuit design, uncompromising quality, and is elegantly straightforward to use.

Key Features
• Unique Design Based on the bass-treble tone control EQ.
• Ultra-high quality components.
• Stepped controls throughout for accuracy and repeatability.
• Broad Q-shelving for a natural, open transparent sound.
• 7-position phase coherent high-pass and low-pass filters on relays.
• 8-position high- and low-frequency selection.
• 5dB cut and boost controls in 1/2dB step for precise control.
Frequency Response: 
+- 0.1dB from 10Hz to 20kHz
+- 0.2dB from 1Hz to 80kHz
Maximum level: 
Noise floor: 
<-92dBu band limited from 22Hz-22kHz
Crosstalk rejection: 
Replacement Fuses:
USA 500mA fast blow for 120V
Europe 250mA fast blow for 240V
Input Impedance: 
25K Ohms
Output Impedance: 
50 Ohms

Dangerous Music BAX EQ Manual
Dangerous Music BAX EQ Feature Sheet
Dangerous Music BAX EQ Recall Sheet
Dangerous Music BAX EQ Bottom
Dangerous Music BAX EQ Front
Dangerous Music BAX EQ Rear