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FCS Pico 504 Re Amp Interface 500 Series
FCS Pico 504 Front
FCS Pico 504 Side
FCS Pico 504 Side

FCS Pico 504 Re-Amp Interface

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FCS Pico 504 Re-Amp Interface
For sale is a rare FCS Foote Control Systems Pico 504. This came from Roger's personal home studio collection. It's in excellent shape and fully functional. Specifications listed below. We have two available.

** Pico 504 re-amp interface **
Input Z: 600 Ohms

Output Z: 600 Ohms - 50K Ohms
The panel control shows how much is added to 600 Ohms at the unbalanced output on the front panel.

**Note that the rear XLR Male (output) is normalled to the input**

Level - provides a variable output level

Out Z - adjusts the impedane of the output

Gnd Lift - for situations where hum is an issue
Output - To unbalanced input (guitar amp, pedals etc)
FS - this is a footswitch input for muting the audio
Triad A-67J Transformer

**Check out the pictures to make sure you like it. Pictures are of actual item for sale**

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FCS Pico 504 Side