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Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Flattop Acoustic Guitar Vintage Rare
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Front
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Rear
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Arm Front
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Arm Rear
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Details
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Rear

Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Guitar

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Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Guitar
For sale is a vintage Kay K22 Jumbo acoustic guitar. We put new strings on it and did in-house setup by our guitarist. It plays well and sounds nice for its age. Includes gig bag and the guitar weighs 4.5lbs. It has a few issues, due to this we are selling it as-is, no warranties, guarantees, refunds or returns. We don't consider any of the issues dealbreakers as the guitar works, but please inspect photos and review our assessment before buying to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase. We are not a guitar shop or guitar experts, but our in-house guitar aficionado mentions the following assessment:
- multiple repaired cracks on top and sides
- appears to have had a neck reset/reglue
- bridge is lifting and appears to have been reglued 
- missing high E string
- binding repair behind neck joint
- notch in pickguard and repaired holes next to soundhole indicate a pickup was installed at one point
- no truss rod
- guitar hanger burns on headstock
- non-original tuners, should have plastic button Kluson Deluxe tuners
- missing headstock logo
- general finish checking and finish damage
- noticeably rough finish damage on treble side of the neck after 7th fret
- spilled/dripped glue in soundhole
- nut appears to have been replaced or filed, poorly done and uneven on high E string slot. 
- Fretboard appears to have been removed and reglued"
- Action is pretty good surprisingly
- no buzzing/fretting out (at the time did not test high e string frets as it was missing on arrival)
- Restrung with D'Addario .012-.056
- Tuned to D standard as the action is higher with the new strings, it's already had a neck/shoulder repair, and it's better for guitars to be stored long term in a lower tuning. 
- There is no adjustable truss rod so short of resetting the neck the action pretty much is what it is. 
- Tested and videoed (contact us if you'd like a video).

**Check out the pictures to make sure you like it. Pictures are of actual item for sale**

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Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Rear
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Arm Front
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Arm Rear
Kay K-22 Jumbo 1959 Details