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Melbourne Instruments DELIA Motorized Morphing Polyphonic Synthesizer
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Top
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Top Left
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Front
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Rear
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Top Left

Melbourne Instruments DELIA

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Melbourne Instruments DELIA

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DELIA is a bi-timbral polysynth inspired by the motorized control panel and voice architecture of the original Melbourne Instruments’ Nina. Delia introduces a 49-key velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, new multi-mode analog filters, high pass and low pass resonance control, 3-stage overdrive, and even more modulation possibilities. Paired with our Rotary Recall° technology, Delia opens the door to the sounds and direction of tomorrow.

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Using a combination of true analog filters and virtual analog modeling, DELIA retains the vital sound of massively overdriveable analog ladder filters, while using a digital front end to run modeled VCOs, wavetables, high pass filters and more. The powerful combination of analog plus digital is harnessed by Delia’s unique 12 note mode, using 12 complete oscillator banks into the 6 filters, limiting note stealing without compromising the sound, and fully unleashing Delia’s bi-timbral operation.

Delia inherits many of the acclaimed features of Nina, including 4-Quadrant Analog VCAs, Morphing, Digital Effects and Digital Wavetable Oscillator. Adding to these features are the inclusion of sequencer phrase looping and overdubbing, and the ability to assign your favorite effects parameter to the Effects Macro control.

Under the hood Delia is a beast! Virtual Analog Oscillators model Nina’s discrete circuitry but add cross-modulation, and Delia’s 20 modulation sources and 40+ mod destinations with unlimited slots gives sound designers an almost endless spectrum of sounds. Two digital effects processors paired with classic effects presets and the option to run in series or parallel offers creative freedom. And with the ability to save more than 16,000 presets inspiration and artistry will never be limited by available memory or slots.

Delia’s high definition LCD also provides useful Waveform and Envelope visualizers, as well as instant feedback and display for almost every function as you interact with the control panel.

Key Features
• Motorized Control Panel
• 6 voice polyphony
• 12-note mode via 6 analog filter circuits
• Bi-timbral — Layers/Splits/Stacks
• Multi-mode Analog Filters and VCAs
• 4 Oscillators per voice: 2 x Modeled VCOs, Wavetable, Noise/XOR/Aux
• A/B Patch Morphing
• 49 key semi-weighted keybed inc. Velocity and Aftertouch
• Pitchbend and Modwheel.

Voice Architecture
• True Analog Filters and stereo VCAs
• 4 Oscillators per voice: VA Modeled VCOs, Wavetable, Noise/XOR/Aux
• 6 Analog voice circuits with 12-note mode that retains 4 oscillators/voice.
• Unlimited Modulation Matrix - 20 sources x 40 destinations
• 3 x LFOs with variable shapes: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp up, Ramp down, Random)
• 3 x Envelopes: VCA, VCF, Aux

Control panel automation & interactivity
• Instant Preset Recall - every knob moves to position
• Interactive Morphing with parameter isolation
• Interactive Mod Matrix setup
• Instant Layer Recall - panel changes to active patch
• Multi LFO, Envelope and Filter Settings Recall
• Effects Level and Macro Parameter Recall
• Instant ‘INIT’ control panel reset

Interactive Multi-Mode Filters
• Analog Low Pass Ladder Filter
• 3-stage Analog Overdrive
• Virtual Analog High Pass Ladder Filter
• Separate High Pass and Low Pass Resonance control
• HP/LP filter ‘LINK’ mode for Band Pass/Notch control
• Selectable 12dB and 24dB slope for LP Filter

• 2 x Effects Processors with parallel or series configuration
• Stereo Digital Effects: Delay, Chorus, Reverb with classic Preset Algorithms

Step Sequencer + Phrase Looper
• 16-step Programmable Polyphonic Sequencer
• Phrase Looper with overdub/layering
• Sequences and loops are saved with presets and recallable

Additional features
• Stereo 4 quadrant VCAs with infinite panning
• Arpeggiator
• Connectivity: 2 x USB-A host ports / 1 x USB-C device for DAW / 2 x Aux or CV line in / MIDI in/out/through / Stereo out (L+R)
• 400+ factory presets
• Virtually unlimited preset storage (16,000+)
• Customizable Hi-res LCD
• Open-source

Physical specs
• Size: 810mm x 320mm x 140mm / 32” x 12.5” x 5.6”
Instrument weight: 8.7kg / 19.1lb
• Included in box: Delia Synthesizer, regional power kit, QSG.

Melbourne Instruments DELIA Top Left
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Front
Melbourne Instruments DELIA Rear