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Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit + Wood
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit with Wood End Cheeks
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Parts
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Case
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Case Rear
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Case Rear
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit with Wood End Cheeks

Stereoping CE-1 Synth Controller DIY Kit

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Stereoping Synth Controller DIY Kit comes with all components you need to build your own CE-1 Synth Controller along with one faceplate of your choice.

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Includes all pieces you need to build your own CE-1 synth controller & includes manual.
PDF manual with build instructions available here.
Great project for experienced builders wanting to have some fun.

Pictured wood side cheeks panels are sold separately, you can order a pair by contacting us.

**Please note: no power supply is not included. Operates off any standard 9v Boss guitar pedal style adapter**

The Stereoping Synth Controller is a small studio tool which will be connected with your music synthesizer to allow editing it’s extensive world of parameters conveniently in realtime. Instead of struggling with the synth’s built in cumbersome edit-interface, the Stereoping Synth Controller offers 16 dial pots and 3 lighted buttons to shape the sound interactively.

The Stereoping Synth Controller simply will be plugged in between the device sending mididata (Midi Output of your keyboard/DAW) and your synthesizer (Midi In jack). Incoming data from your sequencer (e.g. notes, pitchbend …) will be merged in the Synth Controller with it’s own commands and sent to the synth all together. You can tweak the knobs while your synth is fired by notes from the sequencer – realtime.

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The kit contains everything you need to build a complete Synth Controller in the edition of your choice
- Detailed PDF-building instructions in english with lots of photos
- PCB with smart silkscreen – symbols and names all positioned manually for optimal readability
- All drilling holes perfectly match the contained parts
- Extra big solder pads for easy soldering
- Lead free or leaded soldering – works both
- ‘old style’, big electronic parts (‘through-hole’), no clumsy SMD-technology
- We took entirely carbon resistors with easy to read 4 color code
- High quality IC-sockets
- Durable potentiometers with metal collar
- LED-lighted push buttons already preassembled
- All parts will be soldered onto the pcb – no complex, free floating wires to jacks or pots
- Just about 40 electronic parts to assemble
- Durable, perfect fitting steelcase
- High quality, scratch resistant, already affixed faceplate in your selected edition

Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 2.3"
Weight: 1.5lbs

Stereoping CE-1 Controller Manual
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Building Instructions V1.5
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Sticking Faceplates Instructions V1.1
'1016r' for Oberheim Matrix 1000 / 6 / 6r
'8000' for Korg DW-8000 / EX-8000
'81Z' for Yamaha TX-81Z
'8P' for Roland JX-8P 'AlphaJ' for Roland Alpha Juno 1/2, MKS-50
'AV70AX90‘ for Akai AX70 / VX90 with tauntek firmware
’Bit‘ for Crumar Bit One/01/99 running the Tauntek Firmware
'ESQ8' for Ensoniq ESQ/SQ80
'G8-P' for Roland GP-8
'JX-70' for Roland MKS-70/JX-10 (please note addendum!)
'K1' for Kawai K1 / K1m / K1r
'K3' for Kawai K3 / K3m
'K4' for Kawai K4 / K4r
'M-80' for Roland MKS-80
'Microwave 2' for Waldorf Microwave II
'Microwave' for Waldorf Microwave 1 (Software V 2.0)
’Mirage‘ for Ensoniq Mirage running MASOS
'Mirco' for Alesis Micron / Akai Miniak
'MonstaController' for Audiothingies MicroMonsta
'ND2‘ for Nord Drum 2
'ProVessorS' for SCI Prophet VS
'Puls‘ for Waldorf Pulse 1
'Qfeld' for Waldorf Blofeld / microQ / Q
'Revolver' for DSI Evolver
'Sample Polka‘ for Korg Volca Sample 'Six Tweak' for SCI Six Trak
'Spectral' for Peavey Spectrum Synth
'Super Quart7' for Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet
'SX-240' for Kawai SX-240 with Tauntek EPROM
'Thet4' for DSI Tetr4
'Tubbutec Juno66' for Roland Juno 60 with Tubbutec midi
'Tubbutec SH1oh1' for Roland SH-101 with Tubbutec midi
'Ultrafun' for EMU Ultra Proteus/Morpheus
Uni-cc edition for self-programming
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit with Wood End Cheeks
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Parts
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Case
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Case Rear
Stereoping CE-1 DIY Kit Case Rear