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Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Optical Tube Compressor CM1A
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Front
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Rear
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Top Left
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Bottom Right
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Rear

Tube-Tech CM 1A + RM2

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Tube-Tech CM 1A + RM2
For sale is a rare Tube-Tech CM1A Optical Tube Amplified Compressor in RM2 rack. It's in great shape and fully functional. It was recently serviced / checked-out by Tube-Tech. Information from Tube-Tech's site:

The TUBE-TECH CM 1A Compressor is an optical, all-tube compressor. It features exactly the same tube circuit as our famous CL 1B Opto Compressor, but the action is different due to a different, carefully selected optical element and a fine-tuning of the control circuit.

This provides the CM 1A with an attack that enhances transients in a more punchy way, making it ideal for percussive material, yet still very well suited for vocals, bass guitar, etc.

The different optical element does NOT seriously change the the “classic” characteristics, known from the CL1B. The action of the CM1A places it somewhere between the LCA2B (Tube VCA) and the classic CL1B. CM1A has been extremely well received by numerous top engineers.

Note: Due to the high quality of the TUBE-TECH RM Series power supply and the pristine audio circuits, the Modular Series products deliver exactly the same uncompromised sound quality as our 19” units.

Features and Technical Specifications

The TUBE-TECH CM 1A Compressor features a gain-reduction element, positioned immediately after the input transformer. It is controlled by the sidechain amplifier, which also contain the two time control circuits – one for fixed and one for variable Attack/Release. The two time-controllers can either be used separately or combined.
This circuit contains semiconductor OP-amps for the entire control.

A tube-based push-pull amplifier follows the gain-reduction element with variable gain up to 30 dB. A dedicated Bus selector with three positions (Off, Link 1, Link 2) is used whenever you want to link several compressors together. Input and output transformers have a static-screen between the primary and secondary wirings. Input and Output is transformer balanced as well as fully floating.
  • Unique, low-distortion optical gain reduction element
  • All-tube based push-pull amplifier
  • Frequency response @ -3 dB: 5 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Low noise: < -75 dBU @ 30 dB gain
  • CMRR: > 60 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Variable ratio from 2:1 to 10:1
  • Continuously variable attack and release times
  • Variable threshold: Off to -30 dBU
  • Output gain: Off to +30 dBU
  • Input impedance: 600Ω
  • Interconnection of several compressors via two busses
  • LED display for monitoring compression and output
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers
  • Gold plated switches
  • Input and output are transformer balanced and fully floating
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Rear
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Top Left
Tube-Tech CM 1A RM2 Bottom Right