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Retro Gear Shop is proud to be an authorized dealer for Ex Machina Soundworks Monitors, based in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Ex Machina Soundworks is a producer and manufacturer of ultra high performance professional studio monitors. All products are proudly designed, built and calibrated in Brooklyn, New York.

"Ex Machina Soundworks began as a rebellion against the status quo in audio. Tired of the tacit, creeping compromises we all take for granted as the cost of making music, we set out to create something different entirely. Something paradigm changing. Combining a true diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and expertise, from artificial intelligence and DSP, to circuit design, to acoustical and materials science, to 30+ years of recording and music making experience, we set out to push the envelope of what is scientifically possible in loudspeaker design. All with one goal in mind: shorten the gap between you and your art. Make your moves clearer, your process faster, the details obvious, your window vast. So you can have no doubts in the choices you make."