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Note: We no longer carry or support Vacuvox brand and cannot recommend their products. We have experienced severe complications with the company including extremely inaccurate time estimates and some products never materializing. We suggest to proceed with caution before purchasing equipment from Vacuvox.

The Vacuvox company is known for its custom designs of audio circuits and modifying existing studio equipment to maximize its potential. One of its successful products is the Vacuvox CL-2 tube compressor limiter. It builds upon the original design of the Rohde & Schwarz U-23 that is often called the German Fairchild, referring to the Fairchild 660/670 compressor limiter.

Among its famous users are Oasis, Coldplay, Madonna, Terry Britten, Paul Weller, Spike Stent, Michael Brauer, Al Scott, Devin Powers, Jeremy Stacey, Rafa Sardina and more. The Vacuvox U23 replaces the Vacuvox CL-2.